Sunday, 17 July 2011

A real team effort - Sunday 17th July

It's a big week coming up.

Evan has only 5 days left at Aire View. A school he has been at for 4 years (nursery, reception, y1 & y2) but which has been much more than a school. In many respects, Evan has developed as much there as he has at home. Many of his achievements and challenges have been experienced more there than at home. This has been his first experience of "real life" and everyone he has met along the way has helped him in some way or another. From Headmistress, teachers, teaching assistants, dinner ladies, caretaker to the other pupils, everyone has been brilliant. However, while it would't be fair to "name names" there is one person Evan wants to give special mention to ~ the wonderful Mrs Smith. I think it will be sad for them both on Friday, but we'll definitely be keeping in touch. She wont be rid of him (or us) that easy ! In fact, Sam starts his reception year in September, so we'll be there twice a day for the next 3 years !

When we started fundraising, the school really helped out with a number of events, and pupils themselves were inspired to help with their own events - but the most amazing thing was when we picked Ev up from school on his last day before we went to St Louis. The amount of "stuff" that he came out with was amazing; cards, banners, balloons, toys, teddies, photos and loads & loads of well-wishes. Then again, when we got back, he had so many people come up to him and ask how he had got on, and how he was.

We'll never forget the part that Aire View has played in Evan's Big Journey and we are truly grateful !


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