Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Future - Saturday 12th March

I think it's safe to say we are pretty much settled back in now - Evan continues to amaze at school as well as with his PT. At school, it seems as if he has never been away, which is really good seeing as he has missed the best part of a half-term - was obviously something we were worried about. However, he has also been doing in excess of 2 hours physical work each day, whether it be the stretches that we have to do, the extra walking that we are trying to get him to do or the PT sessions that he has. He also continues to stand for longer and longer ~ his current record is 4 minutes 32 seconds point 4 (he hastens to add). Ev is very proud of this.

That said, Ev is only human and so we make sure he has a full day chilling out (or a "pyjama day" to him). Which this week is today. He is currently sat watching the Australian version of Total Wipeout, which I spotted was on Watch last night. A bit more "strewth" than "ooph", but essentially exactly the same.

He wasnt entirely happy that I interrupted his pyjama day for us to pop out. We need to get a treadmill at home, so that he can get those miles under his belt. I sweetened the deal with a trip to McD's on the way, and im glad we did sort it out. We managed to get a good quality refurbed one for a little bit less than we expected to pay, and we might even get it delivered next week. It was also the first time we had been out together since STL, which was really good. I've made sure that I've spent lots of time with Maya and Sam over the last couple of weeks, so it was nice to have some time with my "big journey buddy".

In contrast to STL, where there was seemingly massive progress on a daily (if not hourly) basis, it has been steadier since we got back. Clearly, this was always going to be the case - but it's good to have an "event" to look forward to - and the arrival of the treadmill in the next week or so will definitely be that. Not least because it means we will have to sort out the back room so we have somewhere to put it. Which has meant collecting all of the various Evan's Big Journey "stuff" together to put in the loft. For "The Simpson" fans, I kind of feel like Homer Simpson with a big box of Be Sharps stuff. 

I guess in years to come, we will dig it all out from time-to-time and look through it, and we have enough wristbands left to last us for the rest of our lives (not to mention a couple of boxful of Christmas cards - which you are all getting next year...). It could have been easy to dwell on what has happened over the last 9 months, but we owe it to everyone who has helped out, we owe it to ourselves and most of all we owe it to Evan to make the most of the future. The future starts now....

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