Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back on track - Sunday 12th June

As you may know, Evan's Big Journey took a slight detour over the last couple of weeks. It would be over-indulgent to go into too much detail, but remiss to not mention it. Basically, I had an unscheduled stay in hospital due to a bout of sepsis and associated other problems, but things are slowly getting back to normal.

Therefore, almost as ever, it fell on Loup's slim but broad shoulders to look after the kids and the house, keep an eye on me, and still do the work which Ev needs. Inevitably, there had to be a slight reduction in some of the activity that we do on a daily basis (I find it amazing that Loup managed to do anything at all...) and, additionally, Ev's physio advised that an increasingly shattered looking Ev should have a week off during half-term.

Unlike the saying, a rest seems to have been as good as a change - and he has certainly improved as a result of some time off. I think his body just needed a little time to catch up. Plus, I think he has grown a little, which maybe needed time to settle in.

Anyway, rather than try and summarise the last couple of weeks (as if I would know where to begin....) it's probably easier to say where Evan is at the moment and then just chuck in a video at the end. He is beginning to walk independently and can now manage more than 50 steps unaided. Well, when we say "unaided" we mean without any of his walking-aids and without him holding onto us. However, he does feel quite nervous and needs us to be in close proximity - very close proximity (inches away !). Evan being Evan, he likes to have a target to beat each time. He has also now set himself the target of getting from the bathroom to the bedroom on his own. Which he has managed to negotiate a couple of times and when he does, the smile on his face is priceless.

Unfortunately, the extra freedom comes at a price and as we try to withdraw more, and as he tries to do more independently, he has taken a couple of tumbles. However, it doesn't deter him - nothing much does.

Hopefully, things will continue to return to normal so we can provide more updates and, with Ev's rate of progress, there will be even more good news to report.

And, without further a do - here is the promised video:

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