Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mothers Day - Sunday 3rd April

If you're reading this then it's fair to assume that (a) you helped with the fundraising and/or (b) you know Evan and/or (c) you know of Evan. So we thought it only fair to let you know of something which we are proud of being able to do, although at the same time not really being something which we wanted to shout about.

When we started fundraising back in July last year, we always said that if we were lucky enough to make more than we needed then we would help other families in similar situations. Of course, you will know that we were so incredibly lucky.

You might think that giving money away is pretty easy. Strangely, it isn't.

For every person, family or cause that you are able to help, there are 10, no 20, no probably 50, even more, that you cannot help. So in many respects it is actually a difficult thing to do as it draws attention to the vast amount of good causes out there - most of which aren't getting the funding and support that they genuinely need. We are so, so, sorry for the ones that we aren't able to help. However, what we would like to say, and what we would like to think, is that we have been able to pass on a little bit of the luck that we have had. Not enough, but hopefully a little bit closer to something like enough. So, on behalf of the causes that we have chosen, we would like to say thank-you.

We, and now they, couldn't have done this without you.

As for Evan, well - he goes from strength to strength. When he first stepped on the treadmill in STL, with Erica (from America) and (Mad) Mike he was doing a couple of minutes at 0.2 mph. A month later, just before we left, he was doing about 15/16 minutes at 0.6mph. On Wednesday this week, with Steve (no nickname yet) he did 21 minutes at 1.2mph.

Enough to make any Mother's day !

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  1. That is fantastic! As always it brought a tear to my eyes! Well done Evan you really are an inspiration as is everyone who has helped you to get where you are now. Happy Belated Mother's Day from Canada. Unfortunately we don't celebrate it here until June but we were thinking about all the fantastic mums we know back home.x